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Marjo Lautjarvi (CEO)

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Marjo Lautjarvi (CEO)

Marjo Lautjarvi (CEO)


Finland Relocation Services (FRS) was founded in May 1994 and was the first relocation company in Finland. The founder Marjo Lautjärvi brought the idea of relocation into the country. Having had personal experience of being an expat, expat wife and a mother of a young child she understood the needs of support required by the relocating families, but also the needs of the employing company.

At those times Finland was quickly getting more international, but professional services to support this development were greatly missing. FRS wanted to provide the organisations transferring personnel to and from Finland with professional relocation services that make a difference. The goal was and is to make the transition more effective, smoother and painless to all parties involved.

FRS has long-lasting relationships with its client companies. Key success factors have always been the ability to understand client’s and customer’s needs, provide them with excellent service, dedicated staff with multilingual skills and efficient process management.

Today FRS is the leading relocation firm in the country employing 15 persons on full- or part time basis. The company has its headquarters in the capital area of Helsinki, but operates also in the following cities: Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä and Pori. Services in other areas of Finland are available on request.

Finland Relocation Services offers following relocation services:

Consultancy, Look-See visits, Home Search Programs, Assistance with local authorities/administration, School Assistance, Orientation/Settling-in services, Departure programs, Immigration assistance, Temporary Housing, Relocation Management services, Cross-cultural training.

Marjo Lautjärvi, CEO of Finland Relocation Services, CERP2, has 17 years of experience working in relocation industry. Before founding the company in 1994 she was working in marketing management positions in various businesses both in Finland and abroad.

Finland Relocation Services is privately owned and run. The company is a full member of EuRa and ERC and is a proud holder of EQS (EuRa Quality Seal) since 2008. FRS is also a member of Chamber of Commerce of Greater Helsinki and a member of The Finnish Association for Human Resource Management – HENRY ry.

The staff is experienced and very multilingual, languages spoken in the company include Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French, Russia and Dutch. Most of the staff members have personal experience of living and working abroad. Training of staff is continuous and includes in-house training as well as external training e.g. organized by EuRa.

The company monitors the Customer Satisfaction on a continuous basis. Each customer and client gets a satisfaction survey to be filled in. FRS is proud of the results both in terms of the return rate (average 60-80%) and the scores (4.7 out of max 5) , they tell that we have succeeded – in offering professional relocation services that make the transition more effective, smoother and painless to all parties involved.