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MichŠle Bramstoft (Managing Director)


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MichŠle Bramstoft (Managing Director)

MichŠle Bramstoft (Managing Director)

Integrating into a new country can be overwhelming and challenges occur daily – especially after moving into a new property. While some issues are avoidable, others can be quickly addressed and diverted by relying on our consultant’s local market knowledge.

Relocation services were created to enable transferees to focus on their job and that is why we are here. Copenhagen Relocations offers sound solutions based on 20+ years of in-depth experience. Our team sources housing daily. They understand how the local market works. They know which shortcuts to take and ones to avoid. Let us help you and your employees get a positive start in Denmark!


Lack of attention to detail can leave transferees feeling insecure and unvalued. Transitioning into a new country is less challenging when supported by superb service quality.

Our consultants have personal relocation experience having lived in over 50+ cities around the globe. We empathize with transferees. We anticipate their needs and understand the key components of delivering excellence. In 2010, Copenhagen Relocations acquired a process management system based on ISO 9001. We are proud to be the 1st and only Danish based destination service provider to maintain the EuRA Global Quality Seal. Copenhagen Relocations envisions ‘Happy Transferees’!